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If you are enjoying the fruits of your labor then we can provide the optimal solution to protect your legacy by making sure you have the liquid means to meet your estate tax obligations. We have protected many families from the heartache of a ‘fire sale’ to liquidate assets otherwise tied up in a business or real estate holdings while reducing your gift-tax exposure and maintaining the opportunity cost on your money.

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Our strategy is an opportunity for your family or business to purchase a very large amount of life insurance that when properly designed and managed will create a substantial tax preferred supplemental income stream with a low initial out of pocket cash commitment.

The premium is loaned by a large bank so that you don’t need to give up/sacrifice the opportunity cost on your highly producing assets while receiving significant tax advantages such as preferred treatment of subsequent withdrawals, tax-deferred growth & federal income tax-free death benefit.

We have over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry and our team has successfully executed over 60 premium finance cases.

We take pride in our upmost commitment to our clients financial success and we guide them through the entire process from A to Z : from implementing the initial strategy, writing the policy, helping secure the loan, having an estate attorney review the trust through the ongoing maintenance and monitoring of the plan in order to make sure that the strategy succeeds and our clients full satisfaction is achieved.

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