WHOLE LIFE ILLUSTRATION : The illustration is based on the 2017 Dividend scale and assumes that the currently illustrated non-guaranteed elements, including dividends will continue unchanged for all year down.  This in not likely to occur and the actual results may be more or less favorable than those shown. See tabular detail for guaranteed values and other important information. This illustration shows using dividends to pay some premium due in future years (Premium Offset). Premium offset illustrations are shown to demonstrate the possibility of using dividend values to reduce future out of pocket outlays. Dividends are not guaranteed. Premiums are required for the number of years shown in the policy. Premiums shown as paid by dividends in this illustration are not cancelled, forgiven or waived by the company. The premium offset year shown in this illustration is predicated on each non-guaranteed factor remaining unchanged in each year, a scenario which is highly unlikely. Non Guaranteed factors- dividends, the cost of term and other riders as described n the illustration – are likely to vary over time reflecting actual economic and mortality experience. Under current economic conditions, dividends may also be reduced by an individual’s policy loan activity, if any.  Please note the following : unless the illustration specifically states that a policy becomes paid up at a specified age or year, an illustration does not represent a paid up policy.  Every illustration explicitly states the required premiums in the “Narrative Summary” and “Tabular Detail sections. Premium offset doesn’t occur automatically. It must be requested by the policy owner when sufficient policy value have accumulated to support a Premium Offset.  therefore, before deciding to elect premium offset, you should review your policy and personal circumstances with your agent Even if dividend values are adequate to offset future premiums, there may be circumstances where it is not in the policy owner’s best interest to elect this option. Future dividends may be less or more than those illustrated. If dividends are lower, you may need to continue cash outlays longer than shown, or even resume cash outlays after an initial premium offset .As long as the policy is in force, we recommend you periodically request that you agent review a revised illustration with you. Interest rates on premium finances loans vary depending upon the lender. They may be based upon LIBOR (The London Inter-Bank Offered Rate), the Prime Rate or some other measure. Premium financing programs are subject to various risks including: Interest rate risk – most programs use a floating rate; Lender risk – the strength and stability of the financial institution providing the financing; Carrier risk – the strength and stability of the insurance carrier issuing the policy; Policy performance risks – failure of the policy to perform as originally illustrated, may result in additional premiums and loans and collateral risk – the value of the collateral used may decrease resulting in the need for additional collateral to secure the loan, or the lender calling the loan. There may be other risks as well.

INDEXED UL ILLUSTRATION:  The Allocations and Hypothetical Interest Rates listed in the illustrations are for policy year 1. For any illustrated changes to the Allocations and Hypothetical Interest Rates see the

Narrative Summary. This report is not complete and cannot be presented without the Basic Illustration. Please refer to the Basic Illustration for guaranteed elements and other important information. Non-guaranteed

elements are not guaranteed. *A zero in the Premium Outlay column does not mean the policy is paid up. Charges will continue to be deducted from the Accumulated Value as long as the policy remains in-force. The

actual premium amounts and number of years of premium payments that are needed to maintain the illustrated non-guaranteed policy benefits will depend on the policy’s non-guaranteed elements and on your actual

use of the policy’s options.  The Non-Guaranteed values shown reflect the illustrated interest rate assumptions that you have requested. These values will reflect the policy’s Alternate Accumulated Value if the 2%

Interest Guarantee on Termination Rider applies. Refer to the Narrative Summary for more information. Any policy withdrawals, loans and loan interest will reduce policy values and may reduce benefits. The IRR is a

measure of the hypothetical rate of return on the premiums paid minus distributions, versus the Cash Surrender Value and Death Benefit in each policy year. ## in the Cash Surrender Value IRR column and the Death

Benefit IRR column indicates a negative 100% IRR, resulting in no Cash Surrender Value or Death Benefit in the policy year indicated. The values shown may reflect the non-guaranteed Fixed Account additional credit

and/or the non-guaranteed Indexed Account Performance Factor. Refer to the Narrative Summary for information on these non-guaranteed features.