What does the future look like for your family?

Our lives are full of ups and downs, twists and turns, but there are two things that continue to surpass everything else in value: our families and futures. No matter how far back you go in human history, you will see generations striving to protect and provide for the future generations. The tools may have changed, but the ultimate purpose has not, and at RSB Life, we are proud to offer an elite path to true financial security: premium financing.

Finance Life Insurance the Smart Way

Life insurance is a vital part of your legacy, but the premiums can tie up a bunch of your liquid assets and affect your ability to thrive. Your estate can also cause problems for your children or company after you die, leaving them to struggle with taxes and other costs. Our premium financing strategy finds a sweet spot for qualified clients by using a trustworthy loan to handle the insurance premium, freeing them to direct their cash flow down additional paths to secure their futures. This is a fantastic way to access the life insurance you need and make life easier for those who will follow you.

We’re on Your Team

The RSB Life experts work hard on the behalf of our clients every day, and one of our core principles is client communication and education. We understand that life insurance policies have a huge impact on your future and the future of your family or company, and we want you to understand exactly what is going on at all times. We aren’t just on a mission to give you incredible advantages when it comes to paying for a great life insurance policy; we’re here to be your partner, teacher, and ally.

We’ve used this site to lay out how we handle premium financing, and the following videos are a fantastic starting point.

Case Study

Whether the world of finance is foggy and convoluted for you or you comfortably understand its concepts, there’s nothing like a real-life example to start building the big picture. We’ve carefully laid out a scenario that should clarify just how much of an advantage premium financing can provide for you, your family, or your company.

The Loan

Not sure you want a loan? Wondering why it’s a good idea? Remember, money is a toolbox, and loans are one of the tools inside it. Leveraged correctly, a loan can accomplish fantastic work for your financial future. In this video, we dive into how we handle getting the loan and what we do to make sure you’re in a safe, comfortable position to handle it. We also lay out why getting a loan and protecting your estate with leveraged coverage is effective and worthwhile.

The Client

Are you a good prospective client for RSB Life? Is premium financing a solution worth considering? We’ll help you here, too. This video outlines what a good premium financing candidate looks like. You’ll learn the basics on the net worth you need and other requirements. As with all our videos, we endeavor to lay everything out as clearly as possible with the understanding that you may have questions and need to learn more. That is why we position ourselves not just as your allies, but as teachers as well. We want you to feel free to ask any question you may have, so feel free to contact us after checking out the video.

Invest in a Bright Future With RSB Life

Many people find financial professionals to help them handle their money, but that’s not always enough. Your average financial expert will have a toolbox like everyone else’s and won’t necessarily be able to introduce you to advantageous strategies customized for your exact situation. At the end of the day, you need your finances to fulfill their potential. We are here to make sure that happens.

At RSB Life, we believe there is no reason to spend precious time trying to force run-of-the-mill financial strategies secure your future when there are so many strategies that have proven themselves to be superior. Instead, we have embraced a realistic, superior path to life insurance, a bright financial future for your family, and the freedom to use your assets in the meantime. If you’ve heard of premium financing before, chances are good you haven’t seen it done right. RSB Life fixes that by refusing to compromise and doing our homework every time. Our commitment to finding the qualified clients and doing everything in our power for them has allowed us to help over individuals and companies take their financial futures to the next level. When you need a team who understands what is on the line for you and is willing to go the extra mile, you need RSB Life.